Supposedly, we all live in the same world. A world, where bread can be bought on a corner shop, a cow has four legs, government decides policies, children are innocent, we go to office in the morning & come back in the evening. There are many more things about this world that we all live in but suffice it to say that it’s the same world that everyone lives in.

This is all true as long as I look at myself at the body level i.e. as long as I look at this matter at the material plane. But now, let’s jump into the mind.

My experiences are tied to what’s running in my mind and not to the details of outside world. No doubt that the outside world details shape the contents of my mind. But eventually, it’s the contents of my mind, and not the outside world, that create experiences for me.

There was an accident on the road. The man was lying unconscious; close to the sidewalk; bleeding. Some people slowed down their car, looked at the person and moved on. Some people stopped by, came to the aid of the person but stood confused. One person called for an ambulance. Another took the man to the hospital. Many many people read about that accident in the newspaper next day (the death counter in road accidents increased by 1).

Same outside world but different inside worlds. At a superficial level, one person died in road accident. But for some, one person was hit by a car in a road accident; for some, the roads have become very dangerous; for some, old people should not ride two wheelers anymore; for some, ambulances take too long to come; for some, blood is too bloody red; for some, … you got the idea.

We don’t live in the outside world. We live in the inside world. And the inside world is, at best, shaped by the outside world.

Unfortunately, for most part, the inside world just happens. We don’t try to observe it, understand it, influence it, “create it”. It just happens. Just happens.