[Ashita wanted me to tell her a funny story. So, I made up this one during a drive in Dandeli. As a background, she loves curd rice. During our 4 days trip, she survived primarily on the curd rice.]

Once there was curd and there was rice. Curd was heavy and the rice was light. They both were very very white. But with both of them, stomach would have a fight.

Stomach would find the curd too heavy to digest. It was yummy but it would put pressure on the stomach’s internal machinery. So, the stomach didn’t like curd.

And the rice was too light to last till next meal. Within an hour of having plentiful rice, the stomach would be empty and wanting more. So, it wanted to avoid the rice as much as it wanted to avoid the curd.

One day, the stomach owner, a boy with blue eyes, sat down with rice in a plate and curd in a bowl. He started his lunch with a spoonful of curd and the stomach got upset. It fought with the mind and made it slow. So, as the boy took another spoonful of curd, the mind couldn’t control the hand and the curd spilled from the spoon into the plate. In the plate, it got mixed with the rice.

This led to an interesting situation. Now, there was neither curd nor rice. It was something new. Something that was neither heavy nor light. But it was still very very white. And the stomach was now happy when the boy took a bite. This something new came to be known as curd rice.