It’s amazing how everyone from my grandmother’s generation that I had seen as in-charge of matters has passed away or is about to pass away.

And the people from my parents’ generation that I had seen as strong & muscular & doing-things-around are becoming weak & uncertain.

And the people from my generation who were always running around having fun are trapped in a routine and are trying to find a meaning in life.

And the people from my kids’ generation are growing up to grow old like us.

And nobody seems to notice this. Nobody at least talks about this.


Gradually and certainly, I no longer find myself at the center of the universe. In fact, I find myself to be a small, teeny-meeny insignificant link in the ever moving wheel of time/universe/evolution.

I feel that I’ve been fooled. Cheated. All my life, it seemed that the entire world was around me. It seemed that I was important. It seemed what I did mattered.

But now things look different. As if I was playing a game and suddenly I realised that the rules are nowhere close to what I had perceived them to be.

And this is how it is with everyone. But still, nobody seems to be bothered about it. Nobody talks about it. I am not even sure who all have even noticed it.

Very very strange.