Just as we have drawn boundaries in the form of countries on world map; boundaries on a land that’s actually undivided; we seem to have drawn boundaries on the objects of our perception; things like plants, animals, road, apartment, this person and that person etc. Even though, from one perspective, no object in this universe is independent of others. Nothing exists in isolation. While everything I see or touch seems distinct from other things, it still feels that it’s part of a single continum. It’s like looking at trees and missing the forest. Or looking at waves and missing the ocean.

Just like every cell of my body comes together to form my body; a body that comes across as a single integrated being. In a similar fashion, all our bodies along with other entities in the nature come together to form an integrated planet. Just like the cells make organs which perform their designated roles to feel integrated into a single organism, human beings and other entities in the world (including living and non living) play a role in making the world the way it is.

In this sense, the boundaries are only in perception. May be not even perception, it’s a matter of how we understand what we perceive. Individual letters of an alphabet make words which together make sentences which together express a line of thought. A line of thought itself is culmination of centuries of learning, years of evolution and a lifetime of experiences. Where do I draw the boundaries then?

This blog may have boundaries in perception. But does it really have any boundaries? Isn’t the separateness of this blog a matter of how we understand our world rather than how the world really is?