Is everything that a scientist does qualifies as science?

I have heard this argument so many times that if you are religious, you are not scientific. If you believe in God, you are not scientific. Is it true? Let’s look at some interesting things in history of science.

When Galileo contradicted Aristotle on the law of falling bodies, people laughed at him. You know why? Not because he was unscientific. He was considered unscientific because Aristotle was an established scientist and what he said was considered science.

You know what Einstien said about quantum physics? He dismissed it by saying, “God doesn’t play dice”. Yes, that’s what he said. And we know he was wrong in dismissing quantum physics.

So, scientists can be pretty unscientific at times. Not everything that they say or do qualifies to be science.

Out of all the people I have talked to, their notion of science is anything and everything that has been “concluded by scientists”.

Come on guys, grow up. Advancements in science were not made by those who relied on what was concluded. The advancements came from the people who challenged the established conclusions.