While most of us want to do something interesting in our life (by life I mean more like day-to-day life), we hardly know what is interesting. While we continue to try to do interesting thing, we tend to not spend any time in understanding what could be interesting.

Many times, we run from one thing to another because the former is boring and the latter is (or looks) interesting only to discover later on that the latter was just as boring as the former. Maybe it was interesting for a while but eventually it turned out to be just as boring. And we do all this running around like fools as if there were actually things that were interesting and there were actually things that were boring. If the same thing is boring to someone and interesting to someone else, that thing cannot be boring or interesting. It must be only people who find them so.

It is our outlook that makes things interesting or boring.

There are no interesting things, only interesting ways of doing things.