I have been meaning to link to this post from Piyush for a couple of days. Now that the blanket of busy-ness is removed (the blanket that had covered my days and nights), I have got some time to do things that I like.

Piyush makes an important observation in this post. Though he didn’t use this many words. And may be he didn’t want to say precisely this. But overall basic idea is here.

“The observation is as much a statement about the observer as it is about the observed.”

If I see person X and I make the observation that X is bad, the observation is a statement not only about X but also about myself. A person Y looking at X might make an altogether different observation.

Everything in this world of relative reality is relative to the observer. However, the observer thinks what he/she observes is the absolute. Everything that goes on in my mind is relative to me, however, I have a habit of believing that to be the absolute.

All beliefs are relative to the believer. Different believers will naturally believe different beliefs. Simply because beliefs are relative and not absolute.

What is the need to fight over beliefs then?