Here is yet another post that I wanted to link to for sometime but alas time! Time was lost in the clutter of emails, and noise of software releases; in the things to do and in the things to be prevented from happening. Hmmm.

Ritesh has made an interesting observation as a (North) Indian who is spending considerable amount of time in US. However, given the diversity of India, it will not be correct to draw some conclusion based only on one part of India and then extend it to the whole of country.

First, apart from “I am better than you” and “you are worse than me”, there is one more state which I believe is far superior to the preceding two; “I am ok, you are ok”.

While North India (NCR to be more specific) depicts more of “You are worse than me”, South India depicts more of “I am ok, you are ok”. Of course, you find all sorts of people everywhere. But their proportion tends be different.

This is one thing that has made it almost impossible for me to go back to NCR (National Capital Region i.e. Delhi and surrounding areas). I prefer the narrow roads of Bangalore/Pune where traffic moves at a snail’s pace over the expressways of Delhi.