I have finally figured out the best way to eat food. It should be eaten bite by bite, one dish at a time.


I went to Indi Joes which is a restaurant in Bangalore that serves buffet lunch/dinner. Cuisine usually includes 8 types of salad items, Pizza, Thai, Chinese, Italian, some more stuff that I can’t recognize and 4 types of desserts. You should see how people fill their plates there (FYI, I was no different). More often than not, people would stuff so much of variety onto their plates in one round and when they are eating, they might already be talking/thinking the next items to pick up from the food table.

I am not criticizing anyone. What right do I have for that. It’s just an observation.

The thing is that we people have become very greedy. I don’t know who all can I include in we-people. Don’t even know how I could define this we-people. But most of the people I happen to know are like that i.e. greedy. By greed, I don’t mean the greedy person of bedtime stories. It’s a greed of different type.

A typical (and amusing) sight is to see a computer user to have one programming window, one office email window, one personal email window, one orkut window, one blog reading window, one blogging window, 4 IM sessions open while the person would be talking to a colleague on the phone and typing something in the email at the same time.

This is the greed I am talking about.

So, you see, we have become very greedy. We want to accomplish so much in so less time. The result is that our experiences have become very shallow. In an attempt to eat 10 different things in the same go, we have stopped getting the satisfaction that a single dish can offer.

I want to come out of this greed. I see that it has gone very deep in my system. Right from my mundane routine to the way I approach everything, this greed manifests itself. But my will is strong and I am sure I’ll overcome this.

Eat food bite by bite, one dish at a time.

Enjoy work item by item, one activity at a time.