Time: Sometime March 1998. Setting: Vaibhav Sinha’s (also called just Sinha) room in Karakoram hostel. It is that time of B. Tech. when we are close to submitting our B. Tech. Project.

Actors: Vaibhav Sinha, Rohit and myself. [Rohit and myself did most of our B. Tech. projects/assignments together but our final one year long project was different].

Sinha: Tum dono ne alag alag project kyon liya? Rohit: Humare interest alag alag hain. Sinha: Interest? Yeh interest kya hota hai?

I can never forget this incident. The way Sinha asked this question, the question itself was loaded with answers.

Time and again, I have come back to this question. Today is another of that day.