So, you want to do something?

What is it that you want to do? Or you are still trying to find out what you want to do? How much time do you want to spend in finding out what you want to do. Forever?

Whatever it is that you thought you wanted to do, either you couldn’t do it or if you managed to do it, you realized after doing it that it was not really the thing that you wanted to do.

The things that you thought would make you happy didn’t make you happy. At least not as much as you thought they would. Happiness always came from unexpected quarters.

What is this compulsion to living? What is this compulsion to do something?

Who is sitting inside you who keeps prompting you to do one thing or the other?

What the hell is going on inside your mind-body complex?

Did you ask yourself these questions?

It’s never too late. Ask yourself today who you are. And don’t be surprized if you don’t have an answer.