In recent and not so recent past, I had the chance to discuss where India is going with a couple of people. I got diverse opinions but overall, I can summarize everything in terms of three different forces acting on it:

  1. Migratory forces - Nothing can happen here (politically, economically, socially, culturally). We have got to migrate.
  2. Pull down forces - Take advantage of the corruption and make your bucks. Who cares about India anyways?
  3. Push up forces - I am educated and burning with ambition. I’ll rock the world and do something BIG!

Overall, these are three major forces I saw acting on Indian society/nation. I guess, that would be the case with any developing nations.

Migratory forces have always been present. We remember the much talked about “brain drain” though nobody cares about it anymore.

Pull down forces were always present too. That’s what has created the mess we are in anyways. Unfortunately, they seem to be increasing with time.

Push up forces; now that’s interesting. Is it powerful enough in India to be a gate crasher? I believe yes. Some people call it an emotional response (it’s an easy way to argue out of it ;), but I call it more judgemental. Walking down the streets of bangalore, the most obvious thing is that everybody is upto something. When there is so much of constructive energy around, something is bound to happen.