I don’t know if you have heard of the term “tushion”. It is kind of well known in North India (at least it used to be). It’s a slang.

It’s very difficult to explain what it means. It’s kind of style but not exactly style. It’s kind of show off but not really show off. It’s kind of negative but not really negative.

Let me try to explain the meaning by using some examples: If you wear a tight jeans just because it is in fashion even though it is not very comfortable, it is tushion. Wearing a cargo pant could be tushion (not neccessarily though). If you go to gym and 2 months later, you start wearing tight t-shirts, it is tushion.

It is hard to explain this term but if you know it, you always know where it fits.

Once someone asked us to spell tushion in English. We said t u s h i o n. He said wrong! It is ztushion. We asked what is this z for? He said z is for tushion ;)

Later, Ripple and myself coined the term Z factor to indicate a measure of tushion. For example, on a bike ride, I took my old, torn cargo pant. He immediately remarked that the Z factor was high for this ;)

Try looking for Z factor in your life. How many things do you do for the Z factor?