Why did you turn to athiesm?

Was it because all the God related stories that you heard in your childhood stand refuted in the face of scientific discoveries?

Was it because all the religious rituals that you witnessed till date look stupid/unjustified/immoral/irrelevant?

Then you are not a good athiest. If you want to be an athiest, please be true to the spirit of athiesm.

Did you ask yourself if religion is more than the cumulative impression your mind carries from the stories you heard and the rituals you witnessed?

In words of Swami Vivekananda, “Any religion has three aspects: 1. Philosophy (that is the core of a religion), 2. Mythology (stories that explain the intricacies of the philosophy and make it easy to learn/remember), 3. Rituals (that bring the philosophy in day to day life)”.

Any system, however well thought out it may be, is bound to degrade over a period of time. Religion is no exception. The mythology has got so much of a stronghold of its own that we don’t remember the philosophy any more. The rituals have become an end in themselves and we have completely forgotten what they stand/stood for.

Caught in the web of these misgivings/misunderstandings regarding the mythology and rituals, we never look at the gems of philosophy that remain hidden.

So, dear athiest, I highly appreciate that you chose to be an athiest instead of following the degraded form of religion. I appreciate you much more than those so called believers who follow their religion without ever questioning it in any way. But you still have a way to go if all your disbelief is solely based on the mythology and rituals.

Take a step forward; don’t discount religion by discounting just the rites and rituals; question the religion more; go farther; understand and question the philosophy. Then you would be a true athiest (if you remain one). Don’t live with that vague feeling of not believing in God because it sounds baseless in the context of modern science. And by the way, when you question the philosophy part of a religion, do question the modern science too. Why not?

[I was an athiest for 11 years of my life; not the true one though.]