Today, I happened to remember one of the “eccentric theories” that Soni/Sahu came up with while having “interesting” discussions on day-to-day life.

It goes something likes this: A person has only two basic types of motivations or end goals when he/she performs an action. Either it is “Pet Ki Aag” (i.e. hunger) OR Amusement.

It almost became a habit to ask each other the motivation behind the last action performed. For example, someone comes out after a bath in the evening and he is asked: was it amusement or pet ki aag?

Pretty soon, it turned out that another category was needed as all the things couldn’t be fit nicely into just these two. We were doing things that won’t provide amusement OR won’t cool down the fire in the belly.

Guess, what the third category was? Generally. Yes, it was called “Generally”.

We were doing a lot of things “Generally”.

I “Generally” wrote this blog entry ;)