There is a kind of duality here. There are so many people who come here very regularly. Some come here every month or so. Most of them come from Bangalore.

If they like this place so much, why don’t they stay here or at a place like this forever?

Because they like Bangalore as much. Bangalore and honey valley are like two poles of a duality. And we people keep running from one to the other.

Life at every place has its own challenges and its own limitations.

The goal is to rise above this duality of existence in everything. Duality of happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain, hectic and leisure, solitude and company, mind and matter, purusha and prakriti.

Only by rising above the opposite pairs of life, can there be permanent peace. Till then, peace is like the eluding sunshine of a partially overcast day. Now it’s here and not its’s not!

[Written at honey valley]