Came back from honey valley today afternoon. I had left Friday morning (all alone on my bike). 280 Kms one way. Part of the road was good, part of it was bad; part was highway, part was hardly a way; part was sunny, part was rainy; part was dry land, part was green forests. Overall comfortable though (I am used to this kind of bike journey now).

Stayed there in a hut (not a posh one). A normal kind of hut. Better than a regular hut in which real poor people live. But not as good to not remain a hut.

During my stay, a writing mania overcame me and I spent most of my time there writing one thing or the other. I’ll post everything one by one.

Here is the first of the lot…

Today is the second day at Honey Valley. I have left Bangalore behind in some sense. I still remember that I came here from Bangalore and that I have a home and an office there. I am kind of settled here now.

I don’t remember how many times I mentally made the program to come here and then cancelled it. All in 12 hours. Even the mind trick game didn’t help me. Eventually, I ended up coming here because I would have just got bored in Bangalore.

I felt like writing about the beauty that I see around myself sitting in my hut. But somethings are so pure that you can’t touch them. Even the thought of talking about this beauty leaves a taint in my experience. Such is the beauty that I see here. Even the mere act of appreciating makes it less charming.

Today I understood, felt and even experienced why writers go to a beautiful setting to write their stories/novels. Saying that such places are inspiring is an understatement. The creative energy is bursting through all the possible channels of expressions; transforming each and every thought arising in the mind into a poem.

I am not a poet, so, can’t write a poem. But I can surely feel one within me. Such is the nature of this place…

Now it is raining, now it is drizzling, and now the rain water is dropping off the leaves when the mighty trees dance to the tune of wind. Every sound is a song here; every scene a visual treat.

This is Honey Valley.