We are just slaves of our nature. And we call it “our nature” as if we owned it!!

If our nature was really ours (in the sense of ownership), why couldn’t we change it by mere will?

Oh, we know we can change it at will but at the same time, our experience says, we can’t.

Yes, we can change our nature. Yes, we can really really own it. Yes, we have done it in the past at least once. Yes, we can do it again and again in the future.

But where is that will? Where is that will in human beings that makes them rise above their slavery of nature and take control of the same?

Shake yourself out of your deep slumber. See for yourself what you call your nature was never yours. Either you were born with it OR it was thrust upon you by the external environment. What is it in your nature that you created?

Few people own their nature in the sense that they have power to change it at their will. That in my view is the real ownership. Rest own their nature in the sense that they cling to it. This in my view is slavery. Yes, slavery slavery slavery!!!