It’s so fascinating to think about reality. I thought about it earlier and I am still thinking about it. I don’t know when I would get past that stage and realize it… ;)

I had breakfast in the morning. I had it when I had it. I am not having it at the present moment. The reality of the present moment has changed from having breakfast to writing blog. Now, the incident of having breakfast is only a figment of memory in my mind.

Even though I am not having breakfast anymore and hence it is not real anymore, my mind makes sure that it remains real for so far as my mind is concerned.


You start from your office to your house in the evening. And you reach home. When you reach home, you are not in office anymore. How do you know you were at office? Of course, your mind tells you that. The reality of the past moment was that of office. The reality of present moment is that you are at home. But because that past moment is not there anymore and will never never be again, the reality of that past moment is not there anymore and will never never be again. Anything that is not present in the present moment is not real. Maybe it was real but it is not real.

However, your mind keeps the old reality of being at office as real as the present reality of being at home.

Reality is a damn funny thing.