As children, we all go through a phase when we claim that our toy is the best. My spiderman is better than your spiderman. My toy car is better than your toy car. My t-shirt is better than your t-shirt.

Of course, as we grow, we learn/realize that it may not always be the case. On an intellectual plane, (in principle) we agree that your toy could be better than mine.

But that is only “in principle” and “on an intellectual plane”. In practise?

My music system is better than your music system. My cell phone is better than your cell phone. My car is better than your car.

And what else? My opinion is better than your opinion!

In reality, we only grow in intellect/reasoning but we never grow out of our tendencies. Hence, with adulthood, “my-toys” change but they always remain better than the “your-toys”.

Getting more philosophical now…

How about saying that there is not a thing that is better than any other thing. Everything just is. “Better” is a context-specific tag. If A is better than B because A is bigger, B is also better than A because B is smaller.