Had a pre-lunch chat with Ripple. Thought I’ll share…

me: Thought I’ll checkout on the web what all digital cameras are available.
There are hundreds of them there.
I just got overwhelemed.
Ripple: woh to hai..
me: Reminded me of the age we live in.
Now I know why people were happier and merrier in old times
And why stress is problem #1 today.
Ripple: haan.. ab to agar bread bhi khareedni ho to tension ho jaati hai..
kaun sa lein..
me: Earlier, if they wanted to buy a digital camera, they won’t have to decide which one.
Ripple: so I can justify my impulsive buying in some way :D
me: This whole concept of ‘Customer is the king’ seems to be the moth eating away an entire generation.
Ripple: haan.. par isi blind consumerism se hi .. economy badhegi ..
aur hamein milega.. false sense of happiness and security
isko rok nahi sakte..
apne aap ko is-se alag karne ki thodi koshish kar sakte hain..
me: We’ll also get sense of sadness (uska camera mere camera se bada kaise?) and sense of insecurity (if I don’t keep up with the pace, I’ll not be able to maintain my lifestyle).
Ripple: isiliye false sense …
jab tak maine uska camera nahi dekha..
tab tak to bahut khushi hogi..
aur sirf uska camera mere se achchha kaise nahi..
“hain !! uske paas bhi yahi Camera ?!!”
me: ;)
Ripple: “sabke paas yahi camera, badalna padega!!”
me: ha ha ha!!
Interesting thing is that this behaviour is not new.
In Vendantic philosophy, precisely this is what has been called Maya.
What we have today is just a bigger form of the same thing.
Ripple: haan..aaj camera aur gaadi hai..
pehele tha.. “arey unke ghar mein roz parathe bante hai !!”
“hamare ghar mein sirf roti”
me: ya fir, unke ghar mein to doodh ki nadi bahti hai.
aur roj roti per dher sara ghee laga ker khate hain.
Ripple: heirarchy of needs
ek poori kar .. doosri khadi ho jaati hai..
me: I think it is more like a web than heirarchy
Ripple: web kaise ? do u have choices when u satisfy one..
it just goes up..
me: If you look at it price-wise, it goes up.
Because the price goes up.
If you remove the price factor, it is just a web.
If you have a digital camera, you need a computer.
If you have a computer, you’ll have mp3 which means you need to have broadbandn
Ripple: not just price.. once I satisfy my physical needs.. I start looking at spiritual needs
me: satisfy physical needs?
Can you do that?
Ripple: pet bhara ho.. neend poori hui ho.. a/c laga ho..
to soch us plane mein chali jati hai..
jaise abhi ..hamare saath ho raha hai..
waise abhi bhookh lag rahi hai.
me: Precisely.
Ripple: chalna hai Anadhra meals khaane
me: Physical needs (or sense-pleasures as they are called), can be satisfied only for a moment.
Ripple: physical comfort I should say then
me: But comfort also doesn’t have limit.
You have a house, you want a bigger one.
You have a car, you want one with power-steering and AC.
If you have that too, you want the one with bigger seats.
There is really no end.
All satisfaction of senses is momentary.
Ripple: yes we doo need that …but there are times with most people when they say.. this is it for the time being..
me: Yes. And it is only a matter of how long that ‘time being’ is.
Ripple: yes..
me: In my case, I have found that ‘the time being’ was always far shorter than I initially expected it to be.
Ripple: chalna hai khaane .. Bharati ya Bhagini
me: Chalo. Chalte hain.
Neeche milo.
Ripple: okay….