One of the most prevalent disease today is job dis-satisfaction. Almost all people I happen to know are suffering from the same. I don’t know a single friend whose immunity system has not been defeated by this virus (a virus of the mind).

How does this virus work?

First, it introduces a notion in your mind that working hard is the most important thing in your life.
Then it links the concept of ‘working hard’ with ‘naukri’ (i.e. job).
Then it extends the logic to long working hours in the job (after all, how can you be working hard if you don’t spend lots of hours in the office).

Now, the effect starts.

First, you get into the loop. You start spending a lot of time in the office.
Then you don’t get time to do anything outside your office.
[Your personality has several facets and each and every part of it craves for expression.]
Then you don’t find time to express your personality (in a complete and meaningful way).
Then the part of your personality that does not get expression gets dis-satisfied.
Then your mind gets into a fuzzy state where you say that you are not satisfied with your job and you start looking for a change. This fuzzy state causes boredom, depression and sometimes even frustration.

Why do I call it a virus? Because it spreads. See…

First you realize that you are not satisfied with your job.
Then you want to pull yourself out of this loop.
But then you realize that so many of your friends/peers are making a lot more money that you do. They live in a bigger house, drive a bigger car, have more servants, party late AND WORK LONG HOURS.
Then this whole system sucks you in.
And you exert a similar effect on those around you.

So, it spreads.

Cure? There is no known cure as yet. Because there does not exist a job where all the facets of your personality will find a meaningful expression. Nor is there a possibility for the same.

However, in alternative medicine, some trials are on. In philosophical branch that favours spritiualism, there is a procedure of producing contentment in the mind that completely and directly annihiliates this virus. Some people are in the trial phase and some success has been reported.