Interesting post from Sahu about job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a pretty complex topic. I am surprized that nobody has written a best-seller on this yet and made millions [hint for you].

Even though job satisfaction is one monster that every corporate coolie is trying to kill these days. It is equally true that in our age, satisfaction in general is missing. Are you satisfied with your travelling life? your book-reading life? your physical-exercise life? your bathing life? your shitting life? Won’t you like to shit in a clean, sleek, extra-wide toilet that has freshness of a new flower, scent of jasmine and Motzart playing mildly in the background, while the sunlight enters the toilet filtered through a sexy curtain? [Sorry if I offended anyone but that’s fact.]

We are all the time bothered only about job satisfaction as (in Sahu’s own words) “people have started identifying themselves only with their job”. Hence, we always crib only for satisfaction in our job.

But the problem is bigger and broader. I think if we solve it in one area of our life, we can apply the same solution everywhere else.