Over a period of time (in the course of my jobbing-life), I have come to possess two distinct personalities. One that is active on a weekday (i.e. a jobbing day) and another that is active on a weekend or a holiday/vacation (i.e. a non-jobbing day).

I’ll call them jobbing personality and non-jobbing personality respectively.

There have been times when my jobbing personality expanded to burn my weekends and there have been times when my non-jobbing personality expanded to calm my weekdays. But looking back (and even looking at the present), I can clearly see two distinct behaviour patterns.

On a weekday, I am a busy soul. Running around and doing things and making things happen. I drive fast; get irritated; sleep tired because of exhaustion.

On a weekend, I have all the time in the world. I drive slow; spend whole day on a hammock/bean-bag; read some stuff; play with my daughter; and most importantly, I don’t do anything that can be classified as work (even the work that is unrelated to my profession).

On a weekday, I wake up as a doer. Right after waking up, my mind is focused on the moment when I would leave for the office. While getting ready, I keep brooding over the stuff that I would accomplish on that particular day. While driving to office, I acquire an insanity of a kind (even if I started as a sane person from home). Oh! All those vehicles that whiz past one another and honk at one another and jump signals and perform dangerous maneuvers and do so many other insane things just to get ahead. All those vehicles instill a sense of urgency in me. They make me believe that I must also run. In fact, they make me run. Their insanity rubs off to me and my insanity rubs off to some others thus creating an insane environment.

On a weekend, I wake up lazy. And well, do nothing till I am forced by the invisible force called routine. I don’t have a plan for the day. The day just comes to me. I can see every single moment passing by.

On a weekday, I am a go-getter. I listen to people to understand their point. I argue with people to make my point. I discuss ideas, implement them and have them implemented. Like an adept surfer, I surf over my day on the waves of activities.

On a weekend, I am a relaxed and dis-satisfied soul. I crave for entertainment and entertainment is what I get. I watch movies, roam on busy streets, chat with friends, drink, shop(!), read and do whatever I can to satiate my mind that is craving for some thing that I missed for 5 full days (i.e. life!).

On a weekday, I come home exhausted. I come home to sleep. And I just sleep without mentally digesting all that I went through in the day.

On a weekend, I give time to my mind for digesting the trash it gathered over 5 days. I go through a cleansing process of the mind and indulge my senses in whatever I can lay my hands on.

I am the product of today’s high tech world.

I am an Upward Mobile Young Professional with Middle Class Past, Stressful Present, and God-Knows-What Future!