Just started reading ‘Aurveda: Life Health and Longevity’ by ‘Robert E. Svoboda’.

A very thought-provoking book. I am still on page 6 and so many ideas have rushed through my mind. Just couldn’t resist logging into blogger and write something.

Let me first quote something direct from the book. Something that inspired me the most:

The idea that the world is made up of objects that are independent of human conciousness conflicts with both the theory of quantam mechanics and with experimental fact. Far from being divorced from physical reality, ideas have a material impact on reality.

This means a lot of things but let me just pick one and talk about my experiences on that.
Let me start with a very simple question. Do you believe that number 177 is independent of number 178? Really?

Even though you can look at number 177 as an independent object, it completely depends on 178 for its existence. And of course, vice versa is equally true.

Nothing in the world has an independent existence. Even though, on the surface, everything looks independent from everything else. In reality, everything defines everything else.
The example I gave was linear in nature. Even in a linear context, we can see that no object is an island. Imagine something as complex as nature, human body, ideas, thoughts!
(In not so distant past,) I have written several posts with the title object1 Vs object2. However, recently when I read ‘Presentation Vs Content’ from Sahu, I was stuck by the inherent flaw in his approach of examining Presentation and Content. He was trying to separate the Presentation from content and content from presentation. However, how can presentation exist independent of content? And how can content exist independent of presentation? That is when I wrote ‘Presentation and Content’.

I found it amusing that I wrote ‘Presentation and Content’ because till date, I was the one who would divide the indivisible and examine each as if the other didn’t exist.

There is a very fundamental difference in ‘Presentation Vs Content’ and ‘Presentation and Content’.

Today, our mind has been trained to ponder over any matter in a very definite and dangerous way. We try to look at things ‘objectively’ however there is nothing objective in the world. Every observation depends on the observer, observant and the environment.

I chose the title of this post as ‘Conflict and Harmony’ instead of ‘Conflict Vs Harmony’ (even though it would seem I am talking about ‘Conflict Vs Harmony’). The primary reason of choosing and instead of Vs was that there is actually a harmony even in these two (does that mean harmony is recursive? ;).

Conflict and harmony exist together (in harmony) just like everything else on Earth.