Just finished reading Da Vinci Code. (Yeah, I am usually late on catching up with the happening books. I am yet to read my first Harry Potter).

No doubt it is an extremely well written book. I just couldn’t keep it aside after I started reading it. However, I think towards the end, the author just couldn’t handle the enormity of the plot and in order to lead to a very very dramatic end, created some really large holes in the whole plot.

A couple of them are here:

  1. Why did Teabing involve Opus Dei for his work? He just needed one guy who could drive and shoot. He could have hired anyone for that. The Church and Opus Dei were involved just to make the plot of the novel much grander. So that people feel that there is a REALLY REALLY BIG conspiracy going on here. Well, Brown couldn’t justify it in the end.

  2. If Sophie’s grandmother and brother were alive and safe, why the heck did Jacques sent them on treasure hunting the first place. Ultimately, the long and bloody search led them to Sophie’s family. If Sophie hadn’t found them, they would have anyway come to Sophie to tell her about her family. In short, the whole reason for which the novel was written didn’t exist.

I think Dan Brown just messed up in the end.