A couple of weeks back, I went to ISKCON. I have always found it funny the way religion is commercialized and systemetized there. No problems, but I have never found it particularly religionistic because of the systemetization.

However, my last trip to ISKCON temple was an eye opener. I realized a very simple thing. You have to board the train to change the direction in which it is headed.

What they are trying to do is increase their appeal to the Youth by being hap and cool. What I always saw as systemetization was actually just corportization of the religious bodies. The feeling is the same. The intentions to serve are the same. And the deeds are also good ones. One can always argue that there are things happening under the hood but we can give them benefit of doubt and (in good faith) believe that they are not really criminals because what they are doing sounds just too good and so above human beings.

I know I am just babbling here. A couple of random thoughts forcing their way out of my mind and getting jotted (or electronized?) in this blog.

I just wanted to say that I have started seeing something about ISKCON and Art of Living that makes me much less skeptic and more of a believer in their path. These people are boarding the train to change the direction in which it is headed.