For long, I have not bee blogging. Well not much. Not the way I used to. I was away from the internet world for a week. And after I came back, I just couldn’t bring myself to blog. In fact, whenever I thought about writing a blog, all this blogging stuff seemed so remote and so unreal and so unnatural and so out of my routine life, that I was kind of surprised that I was doing it at some point of time.

And today, I started writing. I wrote something. I felt good and now I am writing something more. And I guess I’ll write something even more. Now all this seems quite real and natural and it feels pretty good.

And that made me ask myself if blogging is like jogging. You find it real, involving, exhilarating as long as you are doing it. In fact, you can’t imagine a life in which you don’t jog/blog. And once you are off your routine for a couple of days. You can’t relate to it. You can’t imagine that you were doing it. You can’t believe that you were taking time off to do it. You find it funny that you were compromising on other activities to do this one.

And again, when you are back, you are back.